Shelbie Loomis

Project Precariat

The precariat is faced with unique circumstances....

During my time at Santa Fe Art Institute, Spring 2018, I focused on the social economic class called the precariat- the precariousness of the proletariat. A group of people that included myself, my friends and family members as job insecurity and instability of future endeavors.

"Unlike the old proletariat and the salariat, they have no enterprise benefits to give income security and no contributions-based social protection...Income and benefit inequality are mounting with the precariat left further behind and depending on an enfeebled community system of social support. A community system that during a post-globalization that is restructuring social income, whereas before welfare states, individuals and families relied heavily on informal systems of communities help that are no longer here." Precariat, Guy Standing

Project Precariat is a collection of drawings, mappings, portraits of intellectual people who have accrue large amount of debt, who do not have the promise of a job nor benefits, such as retirement or insurance


Precariat Shadow,  2018, laser etching into plexiglass, 8x10"

Precariat Shadow, 2018, laser etching into plexiglass, 8x10"