Shelbie Loomis

Brother Walter

"Since growing up in and attending a Lasallian Catholic School at Saint Micheal's High School in Santa Fe New Mexico, I was ever present with the history of the school and the traditions of the Catholic sector of the Christian Brothers. My grandmother had taught at the high school since I was a baby and I have fond memories of these elderly men who were dedicated to education and their faith in God. Over the years, my grandmother created a strong relationship with the Christian Brothers and as I got older I too, made strong relationships with them through as I became their student."

In 2010, Shelbie Loomis was accepted to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design which had recently reformed from being the College of Santa Fe. It had been common knowledge that the former College of Santa Fe was founded by the Christian Brother but since the college went through bankruptcy and was bought by the City of Santa Fe in 2010, the history of these teachers and mentors faded into the fabrics of memory and history books. Shelbie Loomis attempted in her BFA Thesis to bring the nostalgic qualities of her personal history along side with the experiment of recreating a fictitious person.